Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thai Massage

In the holistic community, is the concept, Thai massage has many names will be referenced. Some of these names are Ancient Thai Massage and Yoga Massage. In Thailand, Thai massage is known as Nuad Boran Phaen.

In the center of a Thai massage is the wrong orientation of the energies of the body. Unlike European-style massage, Thai massage emphasizes, transport and pressure points, thus enhancing the internal health as well as muscular flexibility. The mainDifference between Western and Thai massage is the Thai massage involves peripheral stimulation, ie it acts as an external source of stimulation to specific internal effects within the body to create.

In a traditional Thai massage, the masseuse using her hands, elbows, knees to make, and the feet to different pressures, the power lines are known as sen along the body. These energy lines are used as the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.If a power line is moved or blocked, the client may suffer a range of diseases, chronic pain, illness and possibly death.


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